From Now On

by Evil Goat Riders

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released September 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Evil Goat Riders Netherlands

EBM/Electro/Synthpop duo from the Netherlands.

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Track Name: Chaos
My mind feels like a maze, seconds are passing like days
I don’t know what to think and where to find the words to link

Silence instead of talking, freezing instead of walking
I can never find the words, maybe it’s because it hurts

Chaos in my head is just a fact, you still try to interact
I’m sorry, my mind is floating away
You still want my mind to stay
This misery I can’t control, it pulls me into a black hole
Soon I’ll be stronger, master my mind
I will leave this chaos behind

My thoughts are stuck inside, I’m blocked by shame and pride
Why do I feel this way, where can I find the words to say
Track Name: Playing Games
I can’t believe it
You’re telling nothing but lies but everyone fails to see
Do you like the achievement?
When you hold a heart, then leaving it to bleed
I think that you need it
The destructiveness is flowing through your veins
You’ll never defeat it
That’s why you always have to play these

Games of a little girl
Fooling all that’s in her world
She only needs a hand to hold
And someone that destroyes the cold

I wish I could save you
From the bitterniss and anger in your soul
Did someone betray you
Is that why you always have to play these
Track Name: Reflection
The part I played became so real
I thought that it was me
One day I came to realize
I’m not the one who I pretend to be

Everything and everyone, I could have it all
Using them made me believe that I was in control
Time for leaving games behind, time to face the truth
I will no longer let myself get hurt by anyone of you

My mask was my blindfold
But now I can see
Let me introduce to you:
this is the new me
Track Name: Let Me Go
Your words would say “I love you”
but your eyes would say “I don’t ”
At times when I most needed you I’d find myself alone
When I would tell you how I feel
you’d say I’m just a fool
When I was looking for your warmth you’d always act so cool

All I wanted was your affection
All I got was your rejection

You stab me in the back
you make me cry and then
you only build me up to break me down again
You say that it’s my fault
that I’m the one to blame
I think it’s time to stop with this destructive game

I wish that we could make it work but some things will never change
and even thought it hurts me it is time to rearrange
There’s nothing left to say now, just the last thing you should know
Although we share a bloodline I want you to let me go

All I needed was your protection
All I got you was your rejection
Track Name: Truth
I always thought you knew, what was right
And you, were the one, to teach me
I know, that you want, the best for us both
But maybe, some things, need to change

Why won’t you give us a chance?
Are you afraid of the truth?
Why don’t you want to talk?
Running away won’t change a thing
Why won’t you open up for other visions?
Why do you only believe in yourself?
Why won’t you listen to any advice
Why do you think that would hurt you?

I am strong enough, I don’t need you
You keep spinning in my head (can’t let you go)
I am strong enough, I don’t need you
Stop spinning in my head (can’t let you go)

I tried to make you understand me
But you refused to listen in every way
you, are the one that is responsible for this
All I wanted was to reconnect to you
Track Name: Hate You
Hate you, motherfucker hate you
I fucking hate you, motherfucking hate you

I will put you in your place
rip the arrogance of your face
I will throw you off your thrown
I will break your every bone

Dirty filthy little whore
I will cut you to the core
I will take away your pride
You're allready dead inside
Track Name: Born to Die
We stand alone in this world of fear with no one to hear our cries
People acting like they care will turn out to be demons (in disguise)
Point the gun at the face off love, make sure they all bleed
The only things important here are your own shallow needs

All hope shattered, all is gone
nothing good left, to be done
All in life is just a lie
We are only born to die
All is lost, there’s no redemption
no more good, there’s no exception
All in life is just a lie
We are only born to die

We care for nothing but ourselves, we play with hearts for joy
We’ll tell another of our love but use them, as a toy
Aim to kill and pull the trigger, as long as you survive
The only thing important here is your own shallow life
Track Name: 150 BPM
Take me in and swallow me whole
Let yourself go as I take control
Feel me grow and fill your soul
Untill your heart goes
150 beats per minute