you think you're FAMOUS

by Evil Goat Riders

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released September 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Evil Goat Riders Netherlands

EBM/Electro/Synthpop duo from the Netherlands.

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Track Name: Emotional Disorder
I woke up this morning, I didn’t want to leave
It gave me some kind of warning which I didn’t want to receive
From now on I’m a receiver and not a believer
I gave myself away, you didn’t want to stay

My emotional disorder gets stronger
This time it will last much longer
Now these feelings are so bad
Like a barbwire is stuck in my head

Desire for the day before, when everything felt fine
But now you want even more, so where is the end of the line?
Your craving is never ending and your feelings are so pure
But now I am pending and waiting for the cure

Hover between hope and fear, that is something you don’t want
Trying to keep your mind so clear, so you can stop the hunt
Track Name: Big Liar
Taste my skin and taste my fire
Don’t press your luck cause you are a big liar
The truth is hard and undeniable
Everything you do is unjustifiable

The Devil is taking control, Angels are slowly dying
He wants to have your sould and loves to see you crying
You have to be strong and not be sensitive to temptation
So where do you belong?That is your biggest frustration

Hate and regret are so the same
Change the truth so there is no blame
Walk away from your fear, but a bandage for your eyes
Still keep running till the truth dies
Track Name: Temporary Happiness
You touched my lips and I touched your face
I gave you trust but all you gave me is hate
You are my

Temporary happiness
You’re like shot of a drug
Temporary happiness
Floating through my veins
Temporary happiness
Like a drug, you numb my brain
Temporary happiness
without I feel also fine

I gave my heart and you fucked it up
You played with my feelings, now I will play with you
Track Name: A Bitter Taste
The first time that I saw you felt like living in a dream
Your eyes, they were the brightest blue that I had ever seen
And when you held my hand I wished you’d never let me go
I thought we’d last forever, because I didn’t know

From the beginning you where deceitful
A bitter taste, after being delightful
You triggered me with your seduction
But you left me on total destruction
Leaving me when I’m trying to heal
couldn’t believe it, felt so surreal
Stop prevaricate about the things you have done
You are responsible for what I have become

The first time that you kissed me I was completely dazed
But when the sweetness left you, there was only bitter taste
And as you pulled me closer I wished you would let me go
My dream shattered to pieces, because now I know
Track Name: Trespassers
Your mind is a ghosttown, nothing is revealed
Kill all the trespassers with a simple kiss
You’re always wondering if it’s going to change
what would everybody think if you walked away

If I could find you, and tell you how I feel about your actions and your lies
Would you ever take it back?

Your mind is poisoned, you are possessed by fear
You are always hiding, never let me near
You’re always wondering if it’s going to change
What would everybody think if you walked away
Track Name: Famous
You thought you knew what I could bring you
Well I was only warming up
I’ve been waiting for this moment, tonight it is my time
Too long I hided away
Showed you only what you wanted
But now the tables are turned, tonight you will see me shine

You thought I wasn’t good enough
and no mistake went unnoticed
that didn’t break me down
here I am, look at me now

You think you’re famous but I left you to fall
I’m in the centre, I don’t need you here at all
you’re just a burden so I ask you to leave
Self confidence is taking over me
Track Name: Never Enough
It’s just one of those days, every day’s the same old story
Attach yourself to the daily routine
Your wage defines who you are
The more you own, the greater glory
Trying to achieve the american dream

Captured in the prison of society
where it’s all about making money
and it’s never enough
We all sell our sould for prosperity
only to gain more and more money
and it’s never enough

You love your wife but it’s not the same
Not what it used to be, your mind is cheating on you
Continue the life you have created
Keep holding faith in the past
Live your life with integrity

Breaking boundaries with your greatest motivation
Longing for the most impossible things
Holding up, to the things you have
Feels like, you have never enough!
Track Name: Darkest Day on Earth
Today everything will turn into black
From this moment you can’t go back
Behold the darkest day on earth
There will be nothing left, but dirt

There will be no more wars
that’s just wasting time
Nothing’s true or false
Here, at the end of the line

There is no time for winners
From now on all are lost
Even the saints are sinners
Here, at the line we’ve crossed

Everything you wanted to explore
Things you still want to be done
All the dreams within your mind
Everything is gone
Track Name: Vicious
You fixate on things that are broken
you think they should all be outspoken
waiting for the answers, for questions you have asked
blinded for the future, you’re hiding in the past

You think it’s the right way of coping
cause one day you simply stopped hoping
the voices in your head tell you it’s the only way
you bow your head, there’s nothing left to say

Don’t fixate on things that are broken
some things are better left unspoken
If you can’t find answers for questions you have asked
look into the future, don’t stay in the past

Dry your tears and stop all your moping
regain your strenght and learn to keep hoping
When the voices tell you there is nothing left to say
stand up tall, it’s the only way

Walking round in circles that will only bring you down
a face that shows a battle in a neverending frown
holding on to what you have, your path remains unknown
step into the future
don’t be afraid of letting go
Track Name: Bad Night
It’s early in the morning
I hear the noise from the street
I try to ignore it
But it takes over
The sounds increases
And my sleepiness decreases
I decide to leave it
Although I am not awake

Last night had another bad night
The world has awakened me
The noise was taking over my needed long sleep

Ignoring it would be the solution for my nocturnal restlessness
My will is strong
But it is not enough
Track Name: Hellraiser
Used to try and pretend you where dreaming all the pain
When you opened the box, there was no time to regain
Concealing your deepest wounds won’t make you less anxious
This is not a dream, no, you are completely consious

Slowly his chains are attachedFeel the pain through your flesh
Blood is dripping on the floor
You are just human trash
Suffering will give you other visions
Showing you new dimentions
It doesn’t matter if it hurts
cause you wanted some attention from


Hooked chains are waiting for you, to tear deep into your back
There’s no place to hide, are you ready for my next attack?
I won’t show any sympathy for the fury you broke loose
You will suffer the consequences for the path you choose

You have been warned to resist seduction
Now you have to live in the world I created
You already know me, I don’t need an introduction
I am the one you always hated